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Removing Mold Port St. Lucie

The most common mold issue is caused by a slow water leak that was not noticed until it is way too late.  It only takes 72 hours for mold to start growing.

772 Mold Removal provides free in-home mold inspections.  When you have a mold issue or water damage issue please give us a call at (772) 266-5428.

We service Port St. Lucie and the entire Treasure Coast of Florida.

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How do you know if Mold is making you sick?

Every person is different so each person's body will be affected by mold toxicity in different ways.  Some people experience constant migraines and headaches, shortness of breath, brain fog, fatigue, and or even depression. Since symptoms can differ from person to person, they may not be quickly associated with Mold exposure.

Eliminate Mold from your home with a professional Mold Inspection & Mold Remediation.

What does black Mold do to your health?

The most common symptoms associated with black mold and health effects are noticed with a respiratory response. Chronic coughing and sneezing, irritation to the eyes, mucus membranes of the nose and throat, rashes, chronic fatigue and persistent headaches can all be symptomatic of Black Mold exposure or Black Mold poisoning.

Eliminate Mold from your home with a professional Mold Inspection & Mold Remediation.

What can living in a house with Mold do to you?

Mold in your home can cause health problems and should always be removed by a professional. Mold can cause damage to your health that can lead to eye, nose, throat, and lung irritation. If you have a Mold allergy or chronic lung condition such as asthma, you're at a higher risk for more severe symptoms and complications.

Eliminate Mold from your home with a professional Mold Inspection & Mold Remediation.

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Why is Mold so bad for human health?

As mold grows, it's spores, cells, fragments can enter the air as unstable compounds.  Once air borne, they can produce allergens, irritants, and mycotoxins. Some of these can be toxic, especially to individuals who have a sensitivity to them.

What is mold exactly?

Mold belongs to a group of organisms called fungi.  In an indoor situation, mold is most often found in damp, musty locations such as bathrooms, basements, and attics where there is moisture and or water damage from a leak of some kind. Mold grows by means of tiny spores that float in the air due to their small size and weight attaching to other areas and growing.  

Is mold a bacteria?

Mold and Bacteria are Microorganisms.  Bacteria is unicellular, or a one-celled organism, mold is multicellular, or a multicell organism.  Even though mold can be beneficial in laboratory settings, just like bacteria and viruses, mold in your home is considered a severe threat to human health.

What kills mold?

A solution of diluted bleach provides the fastest way to kill mold on walls or flooring. However, this is only a short term fix.  Prepare the solution by adding one cup of bleach into a bucket that contains about a gallon of warm water. Then proceed to scrub the mold vigorously with a stiff-bristled brush you've dipped in the bleach solution.  A professional Mold Remediation will use professional chemicals and treatments including creating a water barrier to contain growth of any new Mold.


The EPA does not recommend using bleach to kill or remove mold, except in special circumstances. In most cases, “a background level of mold spores will remain” after the application of bleach.

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They tackled a mold remediation job that had to be completed quickly. 

I was so lucky to have found Kert and his team for this job! Don't hesitate to contact this hard-working and honest company for any of their services!


Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Kert saved us!

Not once but twice. Extremely friendly, professional and honest. It’s difficult to find people you trust. The owner is a guy who will provide great work and you can count on his word. Thank you!


Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Kert and his team were extremely responsive to my mold removal issues. They were on time, very thorough, and extremely professional. They answered any questions I had.

I HIGHLY recommend them.

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